Insanity meal ideas help?

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Question by alexander: Insanity meal ideas help?
I find alot of the insanity meals pretty bland so Anyone got any good reciepes? Also how did your results go?

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Answer by ExploringLife
I took a quick look to see what Insanity was. First, you don’t need to eat five times a day; you don’t even need to eat meat to get totally fit and healthy. The top things I would start with to liven up my meals is: raw garlic, fresh lemons (search for all their health benefits and uses, lots of electrolytes for energy), and fresh herbs like cilantro (great Greek salad recipe), and basil once in a while. Then I like heat, so fresh ground black pepper, fresh jalapenos, red pepper flakes. The fresh ginger, sliced thin and simmered in a little honey, keep in the frig, dice fine for dishes, and just eat one once in a while. That’s a start for tasty. Of course, there’s things to do with fruit, a frosty blended from almond milk, coco powder and frozen bananas.

Top athletes have been running off of plant-based food and typically feel more energized than ever. Watch the films Forks Over Knives and Engine 2 Diet. Rip was a pro-tri-athlete for 12 years. Here’s a place to start. I’ll include my general tips, ask me if you want more. There’s no lack of flavor here, he had Texas guys switching to enjoy his meals at the fire house while they dropped 60pts on cholesterol and lost the pounds while the felt better.
Rip Esselstyn @ TED, former firefighter and 10yr professional tri-athlete

Here are health concepts I’m distilling from easiest on down:
1. Water intake is the biggest, easiest, cheapest thing you can do for your health, research Water Calculator
2. Most people should take a multi-vitamin
3. Food combinations & eating for your body type are foundational (book: “Fit for Life”)
4. Cut out manufactured Fructose (corn sugar) = POISON, and Aspartame: it’s a contaminated (mercury) industrial byproduct that spikes blood-sugar levels, increases hunger, damages the liver, causes the intestines to leak feces causing body-wide inflamation leading to weight gain, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, dementia, effects female systems, and can limit growth. It makes up 15% of the avg diet, effecting 75M Americans; manufacturers mis-quote independent experts and refuse to ship samples to the FDA. It is the RED FLAG that the food is bad. This fructose is not the same as a fruit’s complex fructose that is bound to fiber.
UltraWellness TV with Mark Hyman, M.D.; Barry Popkin Phd UNC School of Public Health

5. Minimize manufacturer-processed foods, research the ingredients & side effects
6. Having raw foods and correctly cooking some of them maximizes your food value. There are healthier substitutes for anything, like homemade humus for mayo, nutritional yeast for cheese. I regularly cook chili with rice for a complete protein. Dairy raises your body’s acid level and your body strips calcium from your bones to balance the Ph–plums can help this and reverse it in post-menapausal women.
(books: Forks Over Knives, Eat to Live, Engine 2 Diet, Formula for Health…lots on Youtube on these)
7. Eat natural oils (raw nuts, seeds, avocado), limit extracted oils, use healthier oils, avoid solid fats
8. Organic is worth as much as financially possible, consider the alternatives when budgeting
GMOs – Ask your doctor if cancer is right for you (Natural News, Wells, 10/16/2012)
How to avoid genetic engineering at the grocery store (Farm Aid, 2011)¬oc=1&msource=adwords&gclid=CPSMg4nA5rgCFQE6Qgod7DkATg
Monsanto’s Roundup pesticides are linked to Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, autism and cancer; they control crop acreage 40% and create pesticide seeds: corn 73%, soybean 90%, cotton 80%, canola, papaya, sugar beets, alfalfa (beef); %s are U.S., info from multiple resources
9. Exercise is important for mental health and weight loss, gains muscle, and slows total weight loss.
Exercise a minimum of 20min/wk, more vigorous is better, too much can be unhealthy

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